Jesus with his children outside the supermarket in Willard, Ohio (July 2017).

Lessons learned about advocacy communications in the Trump years.

Solidarity with George Floyd. Fremont, OH, June 3, 2020. Photo Credit: Monica Alonso

#OhioAgainstHate was a campaign in 2016 from and partners

Director Adducci Is Wasting Our Tax Dollars In Cruel and Un-American Ways

Image Credit: ACLU of Ohio

But We Can Change

Jesus Lara and his children, from Willard, Ohio outside Senator Sherrod Brown’s Washington, DC office.

Elsiy Lara, pretending to interview brother Eric (Jesus Lara, July 2017)

Anuar and Elsiy Lara pose with their picture in the local paper, while dad Jesus looks on (Lynn Tramonte, 7/8/2017)

Lynn Tramonte

Director, Ohio Immigrant Alliance. Daughter, sister, Mom, wine drinker, proud NE Ohioan! Lifetime #immigration advocate. Views are my own, unless you agree!

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